General Questions about the services we offer

We’re always happy to answer queries – please do call us on 01727 893 333 or use our email contact form if you have any questions. You’ll find us friendly, approachable and ready to help. In the meantime, we’ve set out below some of the most frequently-asked questions.


How did Lumin begin?

Lumin Wealth Management was founded by Managing Directors, Martin Cotter, who has worked in the financial services industry for over three decades and John Cusins, who has held senior directorial posts within the finance industry.

Together they had a vision to establish a financial advice and investment firm which challenged the norm and was futuristic in its cost structure and use of technology. Over the years it has grown steadily through referrals and recommendations from clients and professional connections, and today it’s an integrated team that numbers more than 20 people.

Is Lumin a regulated financial institution?

Lumin Wealth Management Ltd is directly authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Our FCA number is 580185.

What does Lumin’s fee cover?

Our fee covers the provision of advice as follows:

Integrated and actionable advice. Our financial advisors provide advice and guidance on how to best structure your wealth, optimising it for your needs and tax benefits.

Improved diversification. Over concentrated investments can be risky. By balancing your portfolio across multiple funds and asset classes, Lumin gives you a better spread of investments.

Rebalancing. The composition of your portfolio will naturally drift over time as the market moves, so Lumin will rebalance your portfolio back to your desired allocation. Experts agree that regularly rebalancing your portfolio can increase returns and reduce risk, but even the most disciplined investors don’t do it because of all the work involved.

Better access to your own money. Your money is always available without a transaction fee. If you have an unexpected event and need your money, it can be back in your bank account within five business days.

Are Lumin’s fees competitive?

We regularly compare our fees to those charged elsewhere. We find our fees to be very competitive compared to other options clients can take. For a breakdown of how our costs compare, see our fees document.

Where can I view my investments?

We use financial institutions like Royal London Ascentric and Aegon, or other major names in financial services, who provide online access and written statements to all clients. This also means client money is totally separate from the operations of Lumin Wealth.

What would happen to my money if Lumin Wealth closed?

All the underlying securities in your Lumin portfolio are owned by you and held by third party financial institutions like Aegon. In the unlikely event that Lumin Wealth was to close, your money would remain safe, and you would just have to find a new adviser for it. Lumin Wealth is completely separate from your money, and Lumin Wealth is not able to access your money on any of the platforms on which your investments are held.


Where can I see the portfolio that my money is invested in?

Your investments can be viewed on your provider’s internet reporting page or regular written statements. We will explain how you can access your platform online 24/7 and set everything up for you.

Will my portfolio be rebalanced, if so, how and when?

Why rebalancing is necessary
Over time, the value of individual funds within a diversified portfolio move up and down, drifting away from their target weights. For example, over the long term, stocks generally rise faster than bonds, so the stock portion of your portfolio will go up relative to the bond portion if you don’t rebalance. Without rebalancing, your portfolio could drift into a different risk level, potentially taking a medium risk investor into high risk territory, for example.

How your portfolio is rebalanced
The Lumin Investment team constantly review client portfolios and rebalance portfolios as a minimum every quarter. Should any changes be made in your portfolio we will email you and file the regulatory documents on our website under the Resources tab.

When your portfolio gets rebalanced
We carry out a formal Investment Committee meeting and rebalance every quarter.
In exceptional circumstances, we may make changes to portfolios intra-quarter.

Do you use exchange traded funds or active managers?

We use a combination of the two. Where we have confidence in an active manager outperforming we will use an active fund, providing it passes our fund selection process. Otherwise we choose the lower cost exchange traded funds.

Can my investments lose value?

Like all market-based investments, the funds or securities you own in your account are subject to market risk. If the markets are up, your balance will grow. When markets are down, your account balance can go down. Fluctuations are especially hard to predict over the short term, but historic data shows that over the long-term your investment is likely to increase. We take great care to choose investments with a low risk of permanently losing value and would not invest in single shares for example.

Can you help me transfer my pension from a Defined Benefits scheme into a Defined Contributions scheme?

Yes, we are qualified to do this. We have an in-house actuary who can look at the figures involved and give you the advice you need when considering whether it’s in your best interests to make the switch.

Professional Connections

Where can I find more information on the Lumin Wealth proposition?

On our Resources pages, you will find a variety of information relating to our funds. You can also access our brochure which explains more about us and the services we offer. We’re always happy to hear from professional firms, so do get in touch on 01727 893 333 or use our email contact form if you have any questions.

Existing Clients

How do I view my portfolio online?

Go to the Client Area page on the main menu. Then scroll down to either the correct platform, for example Ascentric or Aegon logo and click on the relevant logo. This will take you to the log on page for the relevant platform.

Where can I find a login guide?

You can view a login guide on the Resources page.

What are your office opening hours?

We are open Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 5.30pm.
Voice mail is operational 24/7 and any out of hours messages will be picked up once the office is open again.
We aim to respond to these within 24 hours.
You can also contact us via email or the contact form on our website.