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Clients often seek our advice when they reach one of life’s major milestones. Perhaps they’ve celebrated a big birthday and know that as they enter their peak earning years it makes good sense to invest for the future. Although retirement could still seem decades away, they know the years will quickly roll by, and appreciate that having a plan in place is the key to enjoying later life in financial comfort.

Others come to us because they’ve had several jobs, acquiring pensions with different employers along the way. They’re looking for a friendly, approachable and knowledgeable team of financial advisers who can review, organise, consolidate, invest and manage their money on their behalf. Or maybe they have received an inheritance and want to know how best to protect its value for the future.

On reaching retirement, whilst there’s now a variety of ways that pension cash can be taken, most people have one overriding concern – to ensure their wealth is carefully managed and will last as long as they do. And with increased longevity, they could be looking forward to several decades in which to enjoy life to the full.

Why clients choose to work with us

We know our clients are seeking to preserve their wealth, they’re not looking for risky investments offering unsustainably high returns. They want to hand over what they see as the time-consuming and often arduous task of investing and managing their money, entrusting it instead to an independent and professional team with a reputation for sound stewardship rather than as aggressive chasers of performance.

We create the building blocks for their financial future. We start with the basics, gathering all their financial information, building up a complete picture of their wealth that they can easily relate to. They’re content to leave the hard work to us, safe in the knowledge that we are keeping a watchful eye on their investments to ensure their goals are met.


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